Friday, 22 February 2013

DRG going up in the world of Derby

Last Saturday Dorset Roller Girls fought hard against Wiltshire to secure our place in the SW:UK final, and we smashed it!!

The predicted score was Wiltshire 150 : 149 Dorset.

As always, we were upbeat and smiley throughout. At half time the score was 149:11 but Wiltshire sure upped their game in the second half and we ended on a final score of 340:42. I jammed pretty much every other jam and didn't block once, didn't feel knackered though... was so pumped. We were totally made up to have such a big win, our first win since our home bout before Christmas. Such a good feeling, makes me so hungry to push myself and improve.

I pulled some apex jumps out of the bag!!! Haven't had the balls to do that in a bout before. I feel honoured to be awards Best Jammer <3

Onwards and upwards for Dorset from now! Now we're polishing our skates for the final.. for some more skating and major party times, excellent!

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Yesterday we bouted against the lovely Plymouth City Roller Girls. There were amazing vibes throughout the game. I didn't want to put a downer on the day but I felt we would be a little out of our depth playing them, but we managed to hold our own. We were winning by 1 point after the first half but then lost it in the second half. Even though it was a lose, i'm amazingly proud of my team and stoked to be a Dorset Roller Girl. 

I was even more made up to be awarded MVP again. Something that I totally wasn't expected after the way the bout went, I felt exhausted with the super fast pack speed, sketchy floor and heavy hits. 

We've made it into the European rankings and we'll soon be pushing our way higher up the board, watch this space!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Skatepark antics

A few of the DRG gang went down to Prevail Skatehouse, our new local indoor skatepark, on Tuesday night for Inline night. Was rad not being the only derby girl in the park! Apart from Chuchu and I, none of the other girls had been to a skatepark before but they soon became more confident on their feet and braved the ramps. I ended up going back the morning after when it was a little less busy to get a little more skate time and try new stuff.

I've since been watching videos of Estro Jen in skateparks and it's inspired me to head to the new indoor more and it's given me more of an idea of what else i'd be able to do on quads! I'll hold back on the 11 foot roll in to the foam pit for now though :p

There's a clip of us on this edit at 2:09

Monday, 7 January 2013

Grow some lady balls.

I've been trying new things and I really want to nail apex jumps. I've been pulling them off at practice then I think i'll pull one out the bag at a bout and then just don't have the balls. Practice practice practice. One day i'll apex jump like Kamikaze Kitten or Suzy Hotrod... one day.. maybe.

Another thing that i've been obsessed with is the Pegassist, since the moment our coach (ChuChu Rocket) showed us it at practice over it about 6 months ago, i've dreamt of being able to perfect it. It looks seriously rad, super helpful and pretty much guaranteed lead jammer... if you don't fuck it up and get a track cut of course.

Apex jumps and Pegassist... is that really too much to ask?!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Boutmare Before Christmas...

15th of December was a day of 'firsts' for Dorset Roller Girls, as part of the Southwest Roller Derby Showdown we hosted out first bout here in Bournemouth and we had our first win! The afternoon kicked off with the first bout: the almighty SWAT vs the gnarly Plymouth City Roller Girls. The bout was practically neck and neck til the last whistle.

Then we took on Kernow Rollers. We managed to pull out some super strong Dorset walls and some rad jamming to give us a final score of 294 - 78. Finally all our blood sweat and tears had paid off!

I'd like to think we're known as a friendly team and that we have a good vibe around us and that most definitely showed on the day. Dorset represent ;) Who's afear'd?!

So.. here it goes!

I'm starting this blog as a way of letting out some derby steam and writing about rad things that me and my team get up to, on and off the track. This year is going to be an exciting year for Dorset Roller Girls so I want to document it all!