Friday, 22 February 2013

DRG going up in the world of Derby

Last Saturday Dorset Roller Girls fought hard against Wiltshire to secure our place in the SW:UK final, and we smashed it!!

The predicted score was Wiltshire 150 : 149 Dorset.

As always, we were upbeat and smiley throughout. At half time the score was 149:11 but Wiltshire sure upped their game in the second half and we ended on a final score of 340:42. I jammed pretty much every other jam and didn't block once, didn't feel knackered though... was so pumped. We were totally made up to have such a big win, our first win since our home bout before Christmas. Such a good feeling, makes me so hungry to push myself and improve.

I pulled some apex jumps out of the bag!!! Haven't had the balls to do that in a bout before. I feel honoured to be awards Best Jammer <3

Onwards and upwards for Dorset from now! Now we're polishing our skates for the final.. for some more skating and major party times, excellent!

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Yesterday we bouted against the lovely Plymouth City Roller Girls. There were amazing vibes throughout the game. I didn't want to put a downer on the day but I felt we would be a little out of our depth playing them, but we managed to hold our own. We were winning by 1 point after the first half but then lost it in the second half. Even though it was a lose, i'm amazingly proud of my team and stoked to be a Dorset Roller Girl. 

I was even more made up to be awarded MVP again. Something that I totally wasn't expected after the way the bout went, I felt exhausted with the super fast pack speed, sketchy floor and heavy hits. 

We've made it into the European rankings and we'll soon be pushing our way higher up the board, watch this space!