Thursday, 10 January 2013

Skatepark antics

A few of the DRG gang went down to Prevail Skatehouse, our new local indoor skatepark, on Tuesday night for Inline night. Was rad not being the only derby girl in the park! Apart from Chuchu and I, none of the other girls had been to a skatepark before but they soon became more confident on their feet and braved the ramps. I ended up going back the morning after when it was a little less busy to get a little more skate time and try new stuff.

I've since been watching videos of Estro Jen in skateparks and it's inspired me to head to the new indoor more and it's given me more of an idea of what else i'd be able to do on quads! I'll hold back on the 11 foot roll in to the foam pit for now though :p

There's a clip of us on this edit at 2:09

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