Friday, 22 February 2013

DRG going up in the world of Derby

Last Saturday Dorset Roller Girls fought hard against Wiltshire to secure our place in the SW:UK final, and we smashed it!!

The predicted score was Wiltshire 150 : 149 Dorset.

As always, we were upbeat and smiley throughout. At half time the score was 149:11 but Wiltshire sure upped their game in the second half and we ended on a final score of 340:42. I jammed pretty much every other jam and didn't block once, didn't feel knackered though... was so pumped. We were totally made up to have such a big win, our first win since our home bout before Christmas. Such a good feeling, makes me so hungry to push myself and improve.

I pulled some apex jumps out of the bag!!! Haven't had the balls to do that in a bout before. I feel honoured to be awards Best Jammer <3

Onwards and upwards for Dorset from now! Now we're polishing our skates for the final.. for some more skating and major party times, excellent!

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  1. Wish I could've made it to this bout - sounds awesome! Congrats to DRG and good luck for the final :)